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Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out our land surveying company!  We are honored that you would consider us for your property survey needs.  We are a Fort Collins company serving our wonderful home town and surrounding areas.

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Most of our team are Colorado natives and one of our surveyors has lived in Fort Collins for the past 35 years (since he was 6 years old).  Our goal in life every single day is to be better than we were yesterday.  The surveys our team provides are legal and recognized by the courts, so accuracy is crucial.  We specialize in residential boundary surveys for Colorado land owners but we perform a wide array of services for every need.  These include ALTA surveys, Site-Planning, Location, Construction, Topographic and more!  

We love our city – everything from Horsetooth Reservoir to Cache la Poudre River Canyon.  We also love our residents and that’s why we are dedicated to doing the job right, in a timely manner the very first time.  Due diligence in the office combined with many years experience in field work combine to provide you with the best land survey a homeowner or engineer could ask for. 

Fun fact:  Did you know our Historic Old Town here in FC inspired the look for Disneyland?  

 If you need an survey performed immediately or down the road, whether it’s for a small fence being put in or a huge construction project, reach out to Fort Collins Land Surveyor and we’ll guide you through our process.  Next, we’ll focus on delivering the exact service you requested.  So give us a call or fill out our quote form and we’ll be talking to you soon!