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Boundary Survey Process

The boundary survey is one of the most important and common services that we provide. The goal of one of these procedures is to reestablish and sometimes recover the accurate corners and lines of a parcel of land. Highly accurate bearings are calculated for all boundary lines and are included in our final drawing. This is an extremely involved process so we’ve taken some time to go over what it looks like. 

We think it’s important for you to know that we offer various levels of this service. Sometimes clients just need a couple corners marked for a fence or something more minor. Give your local Fort Collins surveying team a call and we’ll help you come up with the right plan for your property. Now let’s look at the process:

Research First

Any and every accurate boundary survey should start with research. It’s typical for us to go to the county clerk’s office, the department of transportation and diving into information from deeds, on recorded plat, interviews with the clients and adjacent property owners along with other land surveyors. We will also use a title inspection report but this is most common when the boundary survey is being performed to Alta standards. 

How much does a boundary survey cost?

This is one of the most common questions in the business and the answer is… it depends!  There always a variety of factors that affect cost such as the properties size, conditions and specific needs.  Typically, a boundary survey will have a price tag between $100 and $500 – with certain exceptions.  Our Fort Collins team is known for extremely competitive pricing without any sacrifice in quality.  In this business, if you’re not exact, you’re wrong.  That’s why expert workmanship with an experienced crew is essential.  Give us a call or fill out our quote form and we’ll be glad to put together an estimate for you.

Field Measurements Next

You know when you’re driving down the interstate and you see guys in orange vests on the side of the road looking through fancy tripods and marking on clipboards? That’s the field work. Sometimes we are in the snow, sometimes in the rain and on occasion we are pouring sweat in the hot sun – but we love our job!​

Once the initial research is complete, the next step involves visiting the site to complete fieldwork. We will search for any markings and especially “monuments” at all boundaries and corners of the property. Monuments can come in the form of concrete slabs, trees, stones, iron pins, etc. other evidence of ownership will also be marked. These are much more recognizable and usually come in the form of fences, hedges or walls. 

Any improvements found in your property lines will be marked and studied for any possible encroachments. Encroachments are basically invasions of your space. Our team will also be looking for easements. Easements or sections of a parcel of land that an adjacent landowner or government entity is able to use for specific tasks. We will put steaks in the ground as visible markers identifying the corners of the property. We will generally mark the spots with pink spray paint to ensure their visibility. We will sometimes have to visit the property twice for the step, depending on the difficulty of the terrain, problems encountered or if multiple corners aren’t marked. 

Back To The Office 

Once back at the office, we will begin the final step for preparing our boundary survey. The main task is to compare our research data to that which we found in our fieldwork. All calculated distances will be compared to the research in an attempt to mark the final and exact locations of all boundary lines. 

A drawing will be put together and delivered to the clients email along with the creation of any hard paper documentation requested by the client.

Effects of a Poor Survey 

When a land survey is being performed, accuracy and uniformity of documentation is essential. When poor work is done, small private projects and large construction jobs can be riddled with problems. We want to remind you to never accept a sub par company doing sub par work on land you own. The land surveyors of Fort Collins have performed thousands of boundary surveys and we are confident our level of experience and effort will show for any size job.