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The highly experienced land surveyors of Fort Collins, Colorado want to be your go-to surveying team for as long as you reside in this great state of ours. We perform accurate, efficient and timely land surveys for the Fort Collins area and beyond.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we are ready to provide you with the greatest value for any survey related task you require. Educating our clients is always a top priority, so while you’re here, let’s dive in to some of the most commonly asked questions about the job, the different services we provide and a little bit about this industry’s rich history.

What is a land survey?

A land survey is the science of measuring and mapping the land, sky, and sea. Here in Colorado, we don’t worry too much about the sea and focus more on the land. A surveyors job is to map out angles, boundaries and features of the land using sophisticated equipment, math and a keen eye. 

When do I need one?

If you are buying, selling or making improvements to a piece of land or structure, you need an accurate land survey. It’s good to remember that land isn’t really being created (for the most part) so what you have is a valuable possession that should increase in value over time. It is important to know exactly where the boundaries of your property are and what exactly you’re buying or selling. 

How much does a survey cost?

Price isn’t everything when it comes to having a crucial service performed that needs to be done right the first time. That being said, our prices are extremely competitive and our quality it’s above the industry standard. Prices usually range between $150 and $975 with an average right around $500 for the country. There are a wide variety of survey needs so give your Fort Collins team a call and will walk you through what is needed for your specific situation. 

Total station and tachometer in Colorado field
Senior surveyor using total station

What kind of survey do I need?

There are many different types of land surveys to be acquired, and they are all for specific purposes. Let’s go through some of the most common ones so you can get a better idea of what you need. If you already know what type of survey you require, or you’re not sure and want to speak with an expert – give your experienced Fort Collins land surveying team a call. We will answer any questions you might have and we love educating our clients. 
Here’s some of the main services we perform: 

Mortgage (Title)

Mortgage surveys are usually requested by title companies, lenders and bank entities. Their purpose is to ensure zoning laws and building codes are being held up properly. They also show easements and encroachments on the property, if any. An easement is a piece of your property or your neighbors property that someone else has the right to step into for certain work. And encroachment is trespassing or invasion of a parcel of property. 


These are less common for homeowners and more for commercial real estate. It maps out the relationship between existing improvements and the boundaries of the land as described in the deed. These surveys are extremely comprehensive and usually take place when a lot of money is changing hands, therefore the survey itself is more expensive. 


The surveys combine field and record information. Long story short, the main purpose is to find the corners and boundary lines of a property. These also include easements and encroachments. Usually our team can get them done in a few hours, but of course, it depends on the size of the land.


The surveys mark out the features and structures on the land where a construction project is taking place. Slopes and grading coming to play along with structures like utilities, buildings, walls, roads, etc. they help construction teams implement improvements.


If you find yourself needing a zoning permit or a loan application, this is most likely the survey you’ll be asked to receive. They are a lot like construction surveys but with a focus on interior improvements.

Site Planning

This is a topographic survey and a boundary survey combined into one spectacular series of measurements. This is needed when designing a commercial site, a store, playground, subdivisions, etc. Our team typically performs these when a construction crew requires a development permit.

Subdivision (Partition)

When it comes to dividing land into smaller pieces, you will find yourself needing a subdivision survey. They are also required by local government agencies in the planning of streets and drainage areas. Master-planned communities require extensive subdivision surveying. With being split in family matters, you will typically hear it referred to as a partition survey.


Our team uses a combination of aerial photography and field work to perform these essential surveys. Almost all features of a land are recorded, including embankments, ditches, hills, fences, roads, houses, natural features and much more. The main purpose of a topographic survey it’s to show what a new structure will look like on a developed piece of land. It allows civil engineers to plan on what areas of that land need to be altered in the process. 

surveyor using theodolite
total station on construction site

History of Land Surveys

When it comes to measuring small things – protractors, compasses and rulers work just fine.  But when it comes to building something large like a road, bridge, pipeline, etc., we need different tools and special expertise. This is where a professional land surveyor comes in. A land surveyor is a civil engineers best friend when it comes to putting together a project. Before almost any major construction happens, an accurate survey is completed first. The purpose is to find the legal boundaries of a piece of property, the lay and topography of the land and the location of existing structures.

When it comes down to it, land surveying is basically the science of taking large measurements. You’ve probably seen us on the side of the road. We are the guys with the tripods and clipboards in the construction uniforms looking through fancy equipment. 

Humans have had a pension for building large things since the beginning of recorded history. That means land surveying has a rich history on its own and is one of the oldest professions in the world.  

For example: it is clear that Stonehenge was built after a very precise and methodical land survey.. or the aliens helped them.. either way, someone knew their geometry.   Surveying is also how we were able to map out countries and continents accurately. 

India was mapped out by way of the Great Trigonometrical Survey. It took nearly 70 years to finish. Now we know where India is and its shape.. so that’s a good thing.  back then, surveyors would use a special tool called a theodolite. It was great at measuring angles and mapping out distances with a little math.

The expert land surveyors of Fort Collins have far more advanced technology, but we still use some old-school tricks when needed. We’ve been known to put a few steaks in the ground. The equipment you see us use is commonly referred to as a total station. These are able to map out distances, angles and topographic changes all at once. Tools like this make the job fun, precise and much more efficient. They do all the calculations for us and will even save the information for later use and documentation. 

We’re ready to help!

Give your local, expert Fort Collins land survey team a call and we’ll take the time to understand your situation, how we can best help, then put a plan into action.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with the high quality service we provide.  We can’t wait to show you.  

We also work with businesses in industries around the country.  Everything from towing directories to tree service and stump grinding companies.  If you are a business and want to partner with us for an equitable relationship – just give us a call!